What A Way To Go! (1964)

A while back I came across this glorious photo of the lovely Shirley MacLaine donning pink from head toe. Perfectly coifed with the most beautiful cotton candy pink hair I've ever seen. I had totally forgotten how badly I wanted to see "What a Way to Go!" until earlier this year I was doing some research on Edith Head for work. I wasn't previously aware that she designed all of the Miss MacLaine's gowns for the film. This skyrocketed it from moderate to high priority.

This cute and stylish big production was originally going to be a vehicle for Marilyn Monroe (which I could totally see) but since she died and untimely death, Shirley Maclaine landed the roll. To be honest, overall the plot isn't very strong and after a while becomes a bit repetitive. The character wants a humble, modest existence but every time she marries a decent guy, he becomes greedy and rich which eventually leads to his demise. Quirky concept but the film is carried by gorgeous art direction, sensational costumes and the adorableness of Shirley.

 This is more of a showcase than an actual review, because the design is BANANAS and needs to be admired forever....

Probably in my top 10 favorite "looks" in cinema ever.


This mourning widow look made me LOL

I need more hats.

This looks like an ice skating outfit but she has a bunny rabbit < 3

I wish I had gotten a picture of the back of this bikini. She stands out beautifully against the amazing pink mansion.

It's so Jayne Mansfield, I can barely take it.

It's almost like a Frank Tashlin film. So fucking LUSH!

The Breakfast at Tiffany's look only better.

Yellow and Black speckled dress with a giant belt. I would wear this today. Like, right now.

This olive green skirt suit is gorgeous. I love the collar and the absurd pearls.

She has so many looks I barely remember this one in the movie but it's sweet!

Such amazing use of solids.

Another one of my favorite "casual" looks. Oversized pea green turtleneck sweater. I want it.

Burnt orange suede coat with matching gloves. So gorgeous. Translates so beautifully on screen.

I'm pretty sure I missed some but that's what I was able to salvage in a hurry. I think I'll make this a regular thing. Focusing on the design of visually pleasing films. Cool!

See ya!


  1. This is my hands down, favorite film of Shirley's! XO

  2. Baby-O, it's an all-time groovin' gas.