TITanic 2000 (1999)

I've been thinking about my attraction to 90's/00's softcore and it really all boils down to my childhood and the provocative clothing I observed. BOLD colors, colors men want to see on a woman's body. Usually black and red. A touch of animal print. So predictable and yet almost "classic".
I've always had an obsession with stripper clothes. When I was little my Mom used to get the Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog in the mail. Looking through it was such a thrill. Midnight blue lace and black catsuits made the models look like super heroines. Someone to be worshiped? We didn't have a Fredrick's store in my hometown, our substitute was "Condom Knowledge", your one stop shop for crotchless panties, Djarum Blacks and penis shaped pasta for your bachelorette party. They also sold pleather school girl outfits and stiletto boots that lace up to your thigh. I've never been able to wear these things, perhaps a few accents during my gothic phase when I was a teenage alcoholic but I've never grown tired of looking at bedroom clothes. Bedroom clothes and beyond. Cherry Sweet Dreams and Salvia nights in Panama City.
I'm attracted to these movies because I'm attracted to the trash sex culture that I was unavoidably exposed to. I want to forever look at the lace goddesses commanding your attention in G-String paradise, tits affixed in silicone. Always and forever.

♥ Happy Valentines Day