I'm a failure!

It's true. I have totally let this blog go to shitsville cause I can't do anything right! I kept not paying for the internet because I prefer everything I own to be free or stolen. I was kind of going crazy though. Did I mention at any point that our TV kaputzed? I can't even remember how long it's been since I updated. I didn't even look before I started writing this. Well, it did. It was an old shitty 200 lb off brand something-or-another from like 1997. It stopped working over night so we used this even older, even crappier tv we found on the side of the road with dirt jammed in the speakers. It worked pretty well for a few months even though it made my re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210 have a greenish tint. I was content though. Having gone without a tv for weeks means no drunken VHS parties, no Jess Franco marathons, netflix was obsolete, my life was meaningless. AND...ANDDDDD....I still had no internet. I thought I was homeless for a while because I couldn't imagine life being any more cruel.

So the green screen tv curbed my insanity, then I broke down and just got the internet. It was really no big deal and I have no idea why I put that off so long. It's not even expensive. To make matters so SO much better, my mom bestowed upon me an AMAZING flat screen tv and blu-ray player with vieracast and the works. I know this is no new thing, but you've gotta understand I went from using outdated technology for YEARS to having nothing to this. Netflix and youtube piped right in just like magic. So needless to say I've been glued to the screen. I've been keeping up with Endless Fall again and getting the urge to write about movies like currzy.

I've also been getting really addicted to MUBI. I signed up for it a few years ago when it was called theauteurs but there wasn't much back then so I forgot/didn't care. Lately though I've been doing some exploring and having tons of fun. I'll still do my writing here but for lists and ratings and comradery, why not follow me on MUBI, if you're into that sort of thing...


Yesterday I had myself a little short film festival via youtube on my tv. It was fun getting caught up on some things I'd been wanting to see for a while. I recently discovered Piotr Kamler, the Polish experimental filmmaker. I watched a few of his shorts and fell in love, especially with this one....

I must have watched this 5 times since yesterday. I'm DYING to see his 52 minute sci-fi film Chronopolis. I can't seem to find a complete version though, except on a PAL dvd :-(

Anyway, despite my lameness I do believe it's safe to safe I'm back.

....more or less ;-)