Frankenstein Radio Controls vol.1

A few weeks ago I was making myself a house cleaning mix. A necessary task if I plan on actually getting anything done. After a bit of editing, I decided that it was worthy of public distribution. It's basically just a hodge podge of what I've been listening to lately. If anyone has any questions about where I got certain tracks feel free to ask.

I even made you all a front and back cover!


  1. um, a copy please???? your mom and my mom are coming over next sunday--you should come with, or at least send some music my way!

    (ps-this is stephanie)

  2. of course! I'll see what Arthur's schedule is like, but at very least, If I can't make it I'll send it with my mom, AND the bonus disc!

  3. Holy crap, what an outstanding compilation. I must download this at once, thanks!

  4. Thank YOU, Phelpster! I've been downloading stuff from you on and off for years, and I take your approval with the utmost flattery!