Have you missed me my children?

I was thinking about starting a new blog. Nothing wrong with this one, but I have neglect issues with sites I've been estranged to. If a certain amount of time has elapsed I feel like I'm not wanted here anymore. Silly though, I'd probably just end up doing the same thing to the next blog. So I'm going to write off my absence and try to start fresh here. My problem is my attention span. I take in too many interests. For several months I wasn't as interested in watching movies, I mostly spent my time painting, making jewelry, collaging and writing in my hand journal. I finished a big commission piece a few weeks ago and have felt at a loss for inspiration to start a new painting. Maybe not "inspiration" but "motivation". My jewelry making hobby is still there but it's not exactly consuming. Slowly over the course of the past few months I've been watching more and more movies again. Not as artistically fulfilling but movies are such a huge part of who I am that it's fulfilling in another way. Thinking about them, obsessing over them, writing about them, researching them has always been a large factor in my life. It's sort of comforting to come back to it. Not to say I didn't still watch movies when I was painting and making jewelry non-stop, but I watched them in small doses. Like a normal person, ha! Not 2-5 a day, which is a luxury of my "line of business" (selling them).

Anyway, I've been feeling major itch to start reviewing again. I was looking at my old myspace review page where literally years upon years of reviews are stock piled. It made me nostalgic, I don't have much to look back on in that way from this past year, except for the little bit here on this blog. So it doesn't really make sense to start a different one just because I have cultural A.D.D. it's happened before and it will probably happen again but for now this blog has been reinstated so I'll press on with whatever I can come up with. I've even been considering doing Endless Fall again.

So stay tuned for reviews, unicorn magic, ghost cats, bubbling cauldrons, flying turtles and fun with wizards.

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