Atomic Caravan joins the 21st Century

I decided to make an informal update because I haven't in a while and I know this because I just spent 30 minutes adding all of the un-listed reviews to the master list on the side panel. I hadn't added any in OVER A YEAR. Not that I've written much in the past year but it was still like 20 reviews un-accounted for. I wish I was better at time management. I swear it takes me longer to produce a review than anyone else I know and somehow I still have absurdly incorrect run on sentences that go on for days. I've been feeling nostalgic about reviewing lately. I started writing in late 2003, approximately 11 years. Those early reviews are now lost. Kind of sad, but probably for the best. I started out on Dead Journal, which is hilarious as an afterthought. My first review was for Cemetery Man and it was pretty unremarkable. I moved on to Myspace, dedicating a whole page just to reviews (Endless Fall Lives, in spirit anyway...). In the final years of Myspace being remotely usable I made the decision to start an ACTUAL blog. This blog.

The REAL reason I'm updating today is to announce that I made a facebook page for Atomic Caravan. I'll be updating it regularly and probably posting extra screen shots for movies reviewed. Sometimes I can't use ALL the snaps I take, try as I may. Anyway, this seems like a natural progression and I'm trying to be more active here so feel free to click "like" on the side panel or just go to the link below...


As of now I'm totally backed up on movies I want to dedicate huge put-everything-else-on-pause amounts of time on, so rest assure there are some good days ahead.

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